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About Advocate Solutions


Established in 1995, Advocate Solutions is a privately held Limited Liability Company (LLC) headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

Early on, Advocate Solutions specialized in providing public sector clients with project management, financial and accounting systems, business process re-engineering, and strategic planning services.

Over time, we expanded our solutions offerings to the private sector and now proudly provide solutions in the following areas to a wide client base in both the public and private sectors: Strategic, Project, Risk, and Resourcing.

One thing that has remained consistent throughout our history is our reputation for delivering solutions to difficult problems and superlative service. This reputation is founded on Advocate's expert staff and their commitment to delivering the results our clients need for success—effectively, efficiently and ever mindful of the business objectives.

At Advocate, our staff are highly qualified experts in our solutions offering areas. We are not a staffing firm, but an expert solutions provider. Our staff hold various certifications and degrees and are active in numerous professional organizations. They are truly positioned to lead your organization through whatever challenges your business faces helping you—and they enjoy doing it.

We master the challenges that resist the best efforts of others.


Our Vision – Recognized by public and private sector leaders as the unparalleled solution to difficult problems.

Our Mission Making a difference through delivery of successful professional services by advocating for the client, providing valuable results, and solving tough problems while working together collaboratively and thoroughly enjoying what we do.


    • Client Centric – To advocate for and protect our client’s interest.
    • Team Loyalty – To operate as a high functioning team who collaborate effectively, are considerate of each other, are loyal to the firm and others in the firm, and support each other.
    • Professionalism – To attract and retain employees of outstanding character and caliber who strive to do the right thing, demonstrate mutual respect and dignity in an honest and forthright manner.
    • Excellence – To distinguish ourselves for quality and client service within our industry.
    • Growth – To seek entrepreneurism, controlled growth and diversification. To keep us competitively sharp and provide an environment of increasing opportunity for our employees.
    • Generosity – To operate at the highest level of profitability consistent with our corporate objectives and to use those profits for the benefit of our team and philanthropic endeavors.

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